Food Diary – Day 3

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Sleep 21:30 to 3:30 = 6 hours

Don’t know why I’m waking up on my own wide awake so early.

Checked the home cameras later – husband was awake at the same time downstairs. Did something wake both of us up?


Hungry. Corn chowder for breakfast.


I’m irritable and not sure why. The issue actually causing me frustration is something I want to react to much more calmly.  And have in the past. Seems a bit beyond me now. Why?? Not enough sleep?

I definitely feel awake and alert, but not rested. My feet ache when I don’t get enough sleep. And that’s how they feel now. I feel physically tired but not sleepy.

Am I irritable just because that’s where I’m at with my life and the pandemic? Is it what I’ve been eating or not eating? Haven’t had as much sugar as typical. I usually eat more fruit. Haven’t had my coffee yet… that’s one to remedy right now.


Snack time. Salsa and chips. Grapefruit and almonds.


10 minute nap.  I feel better. Need to get going – sand my deck today and paint it tomorrow.


I’m hungry. What I want is a toaster strudel (which, unlike wanting a donut yesterday, is in the house). And I want some nuts. I don’t think I really need either. I think I’ve eaten enough and am actually full but feel hungry. I’m going to hold off for now.


Feel good now that I started getting my recording equipment ready. I think my “hunger” was a stalling or procrastination tactic.

I’ll bring one of my new Core bars and an apple on the drive so that if I get hungry, have less temptation to get a donut.

Wouldn’t have thought of the apple, but they’re out in my kitchen at nose height and smell delicious. That’s a good strategy to continue – healthy food is the most visible.


Snack time. Trying this new Core Bar. I don’t like any meal bars. I’ve tried many over the years and can’t even finish them. Hate the texture. But this one looked different and was in the refrigerated section with fruit.  It has some of my favorite foods and probiotics 🙂 Is also gluten-free.

I finished it.  It was pretty good. Not as good as my healthy meals or a donut, but a good portable snack and better for my life than a donut.

Do want the apple too.

Apple was great! Nice and juicy to balance out dry snack bar.



Rice Ramen, tofu, pea snaps. Delicious! Love the curry flavored Ramen and pea snaps cooked in oil.

A slice of Chao tofu cheese afterwards – I keep wanting something that tastes heavy or fatty after meals – nuts, peanut butter, cheese.


Only a little hungry. Having a delightful dinner snack of blue cheese stuffed olives, marinated mushrooms, nuts and wine.

And a dark chocolate square.

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