Food Diary – Day 2

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I was going to have just one really long post for my food diary. Saw with Day 1 that wasn’t the best idea – already very long. Will instead have a post per day. And one for conclusions.

Also adding in sleep and workouts. Maybe other key activities and how I feel as well. After all, goal is to identify which foods energize my life and which foods steal my mental or physical energy.

One concern: I’ve never done well at keeping up with a diary.

I’ll commit to at least tracking anything I consume other than water for a week. And anything extra that I note is… extra.

Sleep 20:45 to 3:30 = 6.75

Could have slept longer or gone back to sleep, but husband and dog are disruptive. Apparently, husband did laundry in wee hours of the morning. Dog followed him to bed and decided to lay on me in bed (not allowed). I didn’t get up until an hour later.

10/21/20 5:00

Didn’t wake up hungry. Became hungry when I decided to go to the gym.

Spoonful of peanut butter and small glass of soy milk.


  • Lift – machines and free weights: 24 minutes
  • Run: 15 minutes

Feel amazing after working out! Short but effective. I really need to get back on the workout bandwagon.

And the little snack was the perfect amount of fuel. Enough to tide me over and not too much that it impacted my workout.

10/21/20 7:40

Breakfast – sweet potato and veggies again. Didn’t want the pecans because I felt nut-satisfied from PB this morning. Added broad beans to the bowl because that was the mid-morning snack from yesterday. Will I not feel like I need that snack if I include it now?

Really like the addition. Delicious and satisfying.

10/21/20 8:30

So tired! 20 minute nap.

10/21/20 12:45

Feel great! Four hours of not eating since breakfast and feel really good now. I’m not crazy hungry.

Lunch = Beyond Burger tacos again. Yum!

I do want a spoonful of peanut butter again. Now I’m in meetings and can’t go get it.

10/21/20 17:20

Ending workday and not hungry at all! Also no mid-afternoon slump. I did want a donut in the middle of the day… luckily, don’t have any in the house. And craving wasn’t bad.

My temper is a little short. Fix for that might be meditation/mindfulness or life changes. Walk dogs more so they are less crazy. Career change?

10/21/20 19:15

Dinner: corn chowder followed by salsa and chips. Very full afterwards.

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