Food Diary – Day 4

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Sleep 23:10 to 5:55 = 6.75 hours

Sleep was a bit interrupted because husband’s alarms were going off around 4:45. But best sleep so far this week. I was groggy getting out of bed but feel really good now at 7.

Also my mood is really good. I feel much more like myself.


Breakfast! Another one from Hungryroot – Beyond Brat, Ancient Harvest polenta, peppers and onion. So good. I want more.

Follow it up with grapefruit and almonds.

It’s coffee time too.

So happy! Love a relaxed morning with good food.


Lunch – same as breakfast from this morning because it was so good.

After eating, I once again want something more. Avocado with mayo, because I randomly want mayo, on a corn tortilla. It was good.

And since sugary grapefruit didn’t spike my hunger this morning, having that too.


Dinner. Love that I have leftover ramen, tofu and pea snaps. Added hot sauce and topped with vegetable chips – was even better that way. Will need to remember to do that in the future.

Peanut butter on a dark chocolate square was a very satisfying dessert.

Very much enjoying that I haven’t had an afternoon slump. Normally, everything feels like it’s in slow motion. Today I painted the deck all afternoon.

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