Bean Dip is Amazing!

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I used to eat bean dip nearly every night for dinner. Because I love it that much. It is also super-easy to make.

I’ve been out of the habit because I haven’t really been eating dinner. I eat almost all of my calories at work. So when I come home, I just graze off of the meal I’m cooking for the next day. Or have little snacks.

And I don’t pack bean dip for lunch because I don’t want to be gassy at work. I also keep thinking I’m going to the gym after work, and I can’t be gassy there; the gas will come out.

Why haven’t I been eating it on weekends? Partly because of similar aspirations to go to the gym around 6pm. But otherwise, I just don’t know.

Anyways, I ate bean dip last night. And it was amazing! I think it’s funny just how much I love it. It’s also very inexpensive and pretty healthy. The most problematic part may be the chips and probably a high sodium content. But the chips are part of the meal – love the crunch.

Bean Dip (Mexican Style)

For personal sized-meal, combine all of this in a regular bowl:

  • 1/2 can refried beans
  • Medium salsa – approximately equal amount as the beans, maybe a little less
  • Layer of shredded cheddar on top

Microwave for about 90 seconds – until all cheese is melted and bubbly.

Enjoy with chips or taco shells!

(I ate it with multigrain tortilla chips last night. I’ve eaten it with taco shells in the past because they aren’t as salty as ordinary tortilla chips. I don’t have a sodium problem, but I don’t want to develop one. I also just don’t like salty chips very much.)

And that is it. One of my most favorite meals and it takes nearly no time to make. Because someone else already cooked and then fried the beans. And they also chopped up all the veggies and seasoned them just right.

Would it taste better made fresh? Possibly. But this store bought version is amazing. I love it and it’s inexpensive and so crazy quick. I should make it more often.

Maybe I saved enough on the meal that I should splurge on a whole bunch of Beano pills. Can I eat enough Beano and does it work well enough to handle a meal of beans? Does it work well enough that I can go workout at the gym afterwards??

Other variations of Mexican-style bean dip that are also incredible:

  • Add black beans
  • Use refried black beans
  • Use whole canned beans instead of their mashed up refried versions
  • Add hot sauce
  • Add garlic salt
  • Cook it in a skillet on the stove
  • Add sauteed garlic
  • Add carmelized onions

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