Ether Strikes Again

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Another item has been snapped into an alternate dimension!

I ordered a trinket container shaped like a penguin for my neice. It has a surprise trinket inside.

When it arrived, I unboxed the penguin and opened it to see what the trinket was. The trinket was a baby penguin. Very cute! Sure my neice will love it.

But baby was wrapped in plastic and tape. It was rather difficult to get off so I finally used the kitchen scissors. Then I put the baby back in the hinged figurine. And then back into the box.

But then I heard the baby rattle around a bit. I thought, “Well that’s no good. The baby might get chipped.” And I went upstairs to get tissue paper to wrap around it.

I cut out a square of tissue paper and came back downstairs to swaddle the baby bird. But the box was missing!

I looked everywhere. I retraced my steps again and again and again. I even looked in the trash to see if I had somehow unthinkingly tossed the box when I had tossed the plastic and tape wrap. No boxed penguin to be found anywhere!

How does this happen? Where does it go?

I finally gave up and decided that it will surface when I clean the house for all the company coming over.

It’s a few days later now. House is mostly clean, still no boxed penguin!

Why do things only disappear into the ether? How about balancing out this exchange a bit? I’d very much like for something to appear out of nothing.

I’ll keep waiting. I’m hopeful that someday the Etherites will at least return what they took.

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