How to Murder Fruit Flies

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Quickly and easily kill fruit flies and gnats – no traps required! You only need one piece of special equipment: a spray bottle.


  1. Fill spray bottle with water
  2. Spray the insects. This weighs them down so that they can’t fly.
  3. Wipe up the insects with whatever you have on-hand: sponge, paper towel, etc. and wash them down the drain.
  4. Clean the sink with preferred cleaning solution that will kill any eggs that may be in the drain (I used a bleach cleaner).

Disclaimer: I have only tried this with gnats. I thought the gnats were fruit flies. It wasn’t until I searched for a picture of fruit flies for this blog post that I learned the true identity of my flying pests.

For any who are similarly ignorant: Fruit flies look like smaller house flies and are usually tan. Gnats are even tinier and they can be tan or black with dangling legs. It’s the dangling legs that I remembered.

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