Love My Cuddly Kitty!

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All this talk of kitties being aloof and anti-social… Not mine!

When I come home, he comes to greet me. And if he wants to be picked up, he’ll sit there and stare at me imploringly. As soon as I pick him up, he starts purring really big and puts one arm on one side of my neck and the other on the side and squeezes in for a hug!

When I’m laying around chilling or sleeping, he is so crazy affectionate and cuddly. He flops across me and buries his head into the side of mine or into my neck, gives me half hugs with one arm. Purrs so big. I just melt from his cuteness!

And he loves kisses! I got him from a shelter when he was about a year old so I don’t know his history. But I bet someone used to just kiss his handsome kitty head over and over again. Even when he’s riled up, he can be pacified by a kiss.

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