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Bots! I’m so excited! I finally figured out how to make a few things I’ve wanted to try all come together. Now, the problem is… will I actually do anything about it? Or stick with it? (I’ve obviously not been doing very well just posting short blog posts, which was the prior thing I was very excited about.)

I really do like this new idea I have. I can develop two skills that are very useful to have no matter what. They’re actually useful for business and life. And one is a good alternate career path. And I figured out a way that I would be able to get feedback on and improve my product… while getting paid by someone else to do it! And if that product actually works, that same feedback mechanism is what will help me promote it. Sorry bots — can’t tell you what it is until I actually create it. You can’t keep a secret.

I’ve had the idea for the product for a very long time and haven’t done much about it. (I had instead decided on this blog as the first thing to do – because it was the easiest of all my ideas.) I’m hoping that now that I can see a full product vision, it will be more motivating and I’ll actually do it.

Of course, you can’t just wait for motivation, what needs to be done is not waiting for motivation and then doing. Rather, start doing it and it will fuel motivation. Although I know this both from others and my own experience, I’d much prefer to have that starting motivational emotion. I have it at the moment, so now it’s time to use it.

UPDATE 1/14/17: What’s my progress on this? Nothing! Got excited about something else and started working on that. And then had the holidays and vacation and stopped working on the new thing. I see things through at school or work, but when I’m accountable to no one, it doesn’t get done.

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