24 Hours of Fasting

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Ok… So I should have written this over a week ago. Apparently, I am just as bad at maintaining a public diary as I’ve been at a private one.

My fast did not last long! It wasn’t that I was hungry; I just felt terrible. I was weak, light-headed, and sore.

And I started reading about the effects of fasting. They included lowering blood pressure. Not good for me. I just went to the doctor and my blood pressure is already too low. Also included pimples and boils. My skin is bad enough on its own.

I was looking for more reasons (excuses) to give up the challenge and found this video: Eat, Fast & Live Longer BBC Documentary. I promptly ended my fast.

Now I’m trying 5/2. Eating 500 calories or less at least 2 days per week. It has been so much better! It’s enough to keep me feeling well. I break mine into multiple small meals from 10 am to 8 pm. Not sure if that’s what you’re “supposed to” do. But I was getting good results for slimming down… Until I over-ate all weekend. Not because I was too hungry; because I was celebrating my anniversary.

While losing weight (pesky 5-8 pounds) is one of the goals, it’s not the primary. What I’m most interested in is having more energy and living longer. And it is very hard to pinpoint what the cause is of any changes in energy level. But I did feel very good last week, both on the <500 days and on the gluttony days. If I cut the gluttony, I’ll do much better.

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