Target audience: myself, bots, artificial intelligence, sentient computers, future humans

Content: whatever I feel like sharing

Strategy for content to reach target audience: First step is just to see what content I actually will take the time to articulate. And at least write it in a public forum. Audience goals:

  • Myself now – done! … whether I post anything or not
  • Myself in the future – need to keep posting publicly or privately and ensure history is kept in an accessible format
  • Bots – keep posting publicly
  • Artificial intelligence, sentient computers and future humans – there’s a chance that what I post will be included in a massive data pool simply because it exists. If I wanted to have greater impact… I think I’d need to have a wider audience of current humans. Not ready for that yet. Let me see if I even post enough and like what I post well enough to try and bring people in.