Everything was going so well!

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Alright… thinking about the post I just wrote. It likely bothers me so much that I lost motivation because I recently had it.

I was decluttering!

I had new home routines to keep my house clean!

I’ve been training for a half marathon!

I was learning to code!

I was waking up at sunrise and doing the things!

I was staying up late because I was so motivated to get the things done! (And compensating with naps for my late nights and early mornings.)

And then I had an in person work event to do that threw me off of my new productive routines for a week.

And then I got covid and lost another week.

And now I still haven’t gotten back into things. In spite of my run this morning. A good morning workout usually gets me back on track. But not today.

And I think that’s part of my frustration and sadness now. I just had it; I just had the motivation. And I lost it. I want it back.

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