Food Diary – Day 7

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21:30 to 4:45 = 7.25 hours sleep


I didn’t want to get up that early today, but it’s better to get up now to avoid the interrupted sleep of husband snoozing his alarms. I can nap later this morning


Twenty minute nap. Feel so much better now!


Ancient grain pancakes, apples and cinnamon, walnuts, fried egg, coffee.


Might be splitting lunch in two. Rice pasta and kale bake now. Grapefruit, green bean and almond salad after. Because I want to eat something quick and then take dogs for a walk before next meeting.


Didn’t actually get the opportunity to throw together the grapefruit, green bean and almond salad. Now need something more substantial for a quick dinner before I run out the door.

Yesterday’s leftover stir fry of veggie, salmon and Thai peanut sauce. Veggie mix contains napa cabbage, broccoli, carrots, kohlrabi, and snap peas.


Picked up some of the cheese and sweets I want to try adding in. I’ve had energy and been able to easily limit my food intake without them. Will be interesting to see what happens with them. But a little tired of maintaining my food diary. I at least did make it to day 7.

Ate a little sampling of garlic pepper marinated mushrooms, olives, grated parmesan, everything bagel cheese, maple sugar candies.

Then finished off the other two maple sugar candies.

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