Food Diary – Day 6

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23:45 to 6:00 = 6.25 hours



Gluten-free ancient grain pancakes, apples and cinnamon, walnuts, fried egg, coffee.

Made apple topping with just apples, cinnamon and water in a pot over low-med heat.

Remembered afterwards I forgot to add the walnuts I had wanted. Grabbed a handful and ate with more of the apples and cinnamon.


Lunch: veggie, salmon and Thai peanut sauce stir fry. Veggie mix contains napa cabbage, broccoli, carrots, kohlrabi, and snap peas.

Love how quickly these hungryroot meals come together. So delicious too!

Also, heated the leftover apples with peanut butter and mixed with yogurt. Very good!


Last beyond brat. Ate this one with quinoa, artichoke and olives. So very quick, good for me and delicious.

Plus wine and a dark chocolate square.

Have been very successful this week in getting house projects done (or as done as they can be right now given the weather).

So far this diet seems to really be working out.

  • Not taking long naps on weekends. And this is in spite of:
    • not getting very much sleep at night
    • working in the cold and then coming into my nice warm house
  • Not hungry every two hours
    • I went for 4 and half hours between meals without a problem.
    • And when I am hungry, I just feel like I need to eat. I don’t feel like I must eat something right this second.
    • A little sad to not need snacks. I could still include them in each meal.

Not resolved yet:

  • Knee pain/inflammation
    • Doc said if caused by gluten, could take 3 months to notice that difference


  • Are the benefits I’m experiencing from
    • gluten-free?
    • reduced sugar?
    • reduced dairy?

I want to add in some very sugary treats and cheeses I love and see if I still do as well.

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