Food Diary – Day 5

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Sleep 22:10 to 5:55 = 7.75 hours


Beyond Burger brat with avocado, mayo and garlic salt on a corn tortilla. Tortilla was lightly fried in a little sesame oil.

This salad of green beans and grapefruit was so good! Steamed the green beans in the microwave and then sauteed in sesame oil. Dressed the salad with red wine vinegar, salt and pepper and topped with almonds. Absolutely delicious!


Success! That breakfast kept me satisfied for hours. I used to always need a snack when I was out and about and always had one with me. Not this time.

I was hungry for lunch, but not ravenous for it.

And lunch was delicious! Apple cider sangria, gluten-free veggie quiche and tomato bisque. All very good; tomato bisque was the stand-out for me. Very flavorful and great warm soup on a bit of a chilly overcast day.


Dinner time. Only want a snack. Slice of vegan cheese, vegetable chips and nuts.

Looking at it now, that is quite a few nuts. My snack may not have been as little as I thought it was.


I sometimes sprinkle cinnamon on my coffee, how about pumpkin spice?

Pretty good.

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