Food Diary – Day 1

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I used to wonder why Amy’s bowls would fill me up so well. Relatively small meals, but when I ate one, I’d be satisfied and not craving seconds or snacks. What kind of sorcery was this?

Turns out most of them are gluten free.

The book Wheat Belly described my eating habits perfectly.  Two hour roller coaster rides between satiety and hunger. I would have breakfast before leaving for work (6:30), second breakfast at work (8:30), snack (10:30), lunch (12:30), snack (14:30), light dinner (16:30), snack at home (18:30). The snacks and meals were usually healthy with the exception of an afternoon fresh baked cookie.

My saving grace was refusing to eat any more for dinner beyond a light snack and not eating for the rest of the night. Whenever I deviated from that, it would be quite the effort to keep my eating and my weight in check.  I’ve been successful, but it’s hard.. And I’ve been frustrated by others saying I don’t have to try.

I might be able to maintain weight, but only because I weigh myself every day and make a concerted effort to get back in line when it gets out of whack. It takes effort every day. And different tactics throughout my life:

  • Intense cardio training – my body wants to eat less if I run like my life depends on it
  • 5 2 reduced calorie intermittent fasting diet – only 500 calories for 2 days out of the week. It was hard, but it finally got my weight back down to my acceptable base.
  • Refusing to eat at night
  • Eating less at every meal

But now I have issues with my knee so I can’t train like a maniac. And I’m tired anyways so I don’t want to. And even though I achieve a healthy weight – it is hard!

And I’m sure it’s a contributing factor to why I don’t accomplish other things in life that I want to do but don’t have the energy or motivation.  I expend so much willpower into trying to stay healthy. It’s the right priority… but could it be easier?

I had very good results in the first week of of gluten free. Able to eat meals instead of snacking all day. Not feeling compelled to eat after I’m full. Now that success is beginning to wane… why?

I’m going to track what I eat and when to see what else is sabotaging my life. What else do I find so addictive that I eat it even when full? And I always want more? Or I eat it and 2 hours later I’m “starving”? Food that is not addictive is still extremely delicious. If I can get rid of the addictive food, should free up my energy for all the other things I want to do with my life.

10/20/20 7:00

Breakfast – Sweet potato, veggies, nuts, seeds, oil, vinegar

Delicious! Especially sautéed onions

10/20/20 7:30

10/20/20 10:20

Hungry – want a snack before next meeting

10/20/20 12:30

Hungry, but not ravenous for lunch.

Lunch – Beyond Burger tacos. Is hard to eat just half of the Beyond Burger to save the other half for another meal. It is just so good.

Also felt I needed a bit more of something – more fat? Spoonful of peanut butter to the rescue. I feel good now.

Mmmm…. love coffee so much! Too bad this is the end of it. If I get in the habit of consuming more than one 5 cup pot a day, something starts to twitch – my eyebrow or my upper lip.

10/20/20 14:00

So tired… if one thing I want out of this is energy, should track my sleep time as well. Super tired right now. Want a nap. Brain not working well and feet sore. Only had 6 hours, maybe less. And I think 7 is what I personally need. Starting to want a sweet treat because I can’t take a nap now.

I got energy back by doing a few squat kicks. Beauty of working from home. Feel revived.

10/20/20 16:50

I was hungry at 4 but couldn’t eat because I had an appointment. Wasn’t ravenous though so it was ok. And now I’ll have a favorite snack: Terra vegetable chips.

10/20/20 18:15

This spinach dip is likely one of the causes of this food diary. Addictive to eat. But I don’t have much left now and it is super delicious.

I normally don’t drink when not out socializing. But a glass of wine is supposed to be good for you. Finish off my summer drinks first and then get into the wine.

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