I have a blog?!

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Forgot I had this.

Forgot because I had decided not to write a blog because I’m really bad at doing it.

I was going to start tweeting instead because those are really short and I could just blast out a quick note whenever the mood struck me. That didn’t last long.

Then I started trying to follow the concept of essentialism. And this blog hobby I was trying to get into is very much non-essential. So I stopped.

And then forgot about it until WordPress just thanked me for continuing my subscription. I hope I’m not paying a lot.

But as long as I’m paying, I want to try this again. I’ve made some life changes these past couple weeks that I’m hopeful will really work so that I can once again accomplish the things I set out to do.

This blog is kind of the perfect place to capture that because it’s a failed project that also mentions my other false starts.

At least I think it does… I’ll have to check and see if those were just drafts or if I did really publish them.

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