I am a person who meets commitments to myself

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Night one of new attempt at goal: Become the person I want to be by practicing the habits that person would have.

So far, so good. Of course, first night is always good. It will be tomorrow, day after that and then the next couple weeks that will be harder. After that, I should have better habits.

And then my routine will change because of winter vacation. Which could be a “reason” ( a.k.a. excuse) to not start at all right now. Might be harder to make the habits stick.

But that’s not who I am. My ability to attain personal achievement is resilient.

The “new” trick is to interpret decisions and actions as events that define who I am. And to be mindful of actions that can quickly form undesirable habits and be especially careful to avoid those.

  • I am a person who completes small tasks immediately so that they don’t pile up to become large chores. (Tonight: unpack and put away everything in the Amazon boxes. Discard packaging. Breakdown boxes and put in recycling.)
  • I do not have a habit of eating junk food at night. Eating sugary treats at home at night can quickly become a habit and is one that I particularly want to avoid because my will power is low at night and added sugar is both bad for my health and will make me want to eat more. (Tonight: instead of having a large piece of chocolate cake, peeled and ate an orange. Delicious and I feel great afterwards.)
  • I produce results. Rather than getting caught up with perfection or allowing time set aside for personal projects to be siphoned off for work, other people’s projects or the myriad of modern distractions, I focus and meet my goals. (Tonight: this blog post)

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