Why Can’t I Talk to Myself?

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Walking around with bluetooth headphones to record my thoughts in audio. Because of cell phones and bluetooth headsets these days, I’ll just look like I’m talking on the phone. And that’s good. I wouldn’t want to look like I’m talking to myself.

Because that’s CRAZY.

Why is it crazy? Why am I not allowed to talk to myself anyway?

Why can you talk to other people, but not to yourself?

Do people who live alone start talking to themselves all the time? And I mean spend a substantial amount of time alone. I’ve heard of some professions where this can happen. I think one was some kind of park caretaker. It was something like 6 months alone in the wilderness.

I’d like to try a major stretch of alone time. See what, if anything, comes out of it.

Was it Thoreau who wrote about living away from society on a pond? Walden? It’s very popular for high school reading, but was never in my curriculum. I might check it out. Did getting “away from it all” help him write? Maybe that’s what I need.

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