Say What You Mean!

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If you won’t say what you mean, then you can’t come to any agreement. You can’t come to a disagreement. You can’t get anywhere if you won’t say what you mean.

Why do people not seem to value this? They just tiptoe around.

They truly disagree, but the only time they bring up their disagreement is behind people’s backs and outside of meetings. They don’t do it in the meeting where we’re having the conversation.

They don’t do it in a constructive way outside the meeting. That would be another option. Yes, do it outside of the meeting, either before or after in some way that helps move us forward. But, they don’t. It’s just people who are like-minded talking to each other about the people and ideas they both disagree with. Even when they talk to the people they disagree with, they won’t talk about that disagreement. They only talk about what they do agree with. And we’re stuck. We never get anywhere. And we wonder why.

Why? Maybe because we don’t discuss and decide the big issues because everyone’s so sensitive. So we can’t move forward. We just spend time circling around the problem but don’t dig into the core.

Speak up and embrace constructive conflict!

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