Laying Out Clothes the Night Before Is a Waste of Time

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I’ve seen so many people share that a secret of getting ready quick in the morning is to lay out your clothes the night before. Not for me!

It is a huge waste of time. If I do just pick an outfit at night, the next morning when I put out on, I decide it really doesn’t look that good together, doesn’t look good on me, or is just not what I actually want to wear. And then I’m scrambling to find something better.

And if I try on the outfit the night before, just to make sure I’m all set, I spend far too much time trying on outfits. Nothing is ever good enough. What might take 5-10 minutes in the morning can become a 30 minute or even hour long event at night.

Because the work expands to fill the time. And it contracts to fit the time. In the morning I don’t have much time. And that makes me much more efficient.

I could save myself the trouble and rotate through only a few set outfits. Or I could build out a capsule wardrobe where all the tops work with all the bottoms. But the lack of variety just seems suffocating.

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