Need Someone To Do My To Do List

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I’m quite good at making to-do lists. I get everything on them, prioritize and schedule the tasks.

But then I just won’t look at the list. I’m relaxing and enjoying my time on the planet. Why would I ruin it by looking at a list of things that I care so little about, I need to write them down to remember?

I guess that’s part of the problem. I don’t want to do these things on the list. But I should. And some of these things I really need to do. Pets do need to go to the vet. And there are many others that will simply make my life better if I just get to it.

And, really, once I start something, even something I don’t want to do like yard work, I will get into it and actually enjoy it. And unlike sitting here relaxing in this beautiful weather, I’ll also feel really good about myself afterwards. I’ll be proud of what I’ve accomplished in the beautiful weather and glad for such a beautiful day to do the work. (As long as I choose an outdoor activity.)

Okay, that did it. I’m getting up and doing something. Better late than never.

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