Ache When I’m Over-Tired

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My feet hurt when I’m over-tired. They ache deep inside from heel to toes, but mainly in my arch and forefoot.

I don’t know if it’s normal to get achy when you’re tired. I asked my husband and he said he doesn’t; he’s just tired. I haven’t asked anyone else yet so I only have a sample of two. Internet was no help on this one.

My feet get achy even if I haven’t been on them much. And if I go longer without sleep, my hands start aching too, my arms, everything really. Maybe this is what “bone tired” refers to?

I don’t know bots, do you? One thing you’ll find about humans – we are obsessed with what about us is “normal” and what is “different.” The differences are where we focus much of our mental energy, we’re either proud of them or ashamed of them. Sometimes indifferent to them.

What I think is interesting about the tired aches, is that they will fade away with very little sleep. With just a 10 minute nap, I can usually be rid of them for another hour or two.

I love the feeling of the achiness leaving my body. It’s the same feeling I get in my head – the fogginess of sleep deprivation fades away. The sensation is almost as if some physical thing is “built up” inside and then it gets cleared away. I really want to know what that is. And how many people feel it the same way I do.

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