12 Hours of Fasting

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Feeling light-headed and my feet hurt. My feet hurt the same way they do when I’m over-tired. And I really shouldn’t be tired from anything other than not eating. Plenty of sleep last night and a nap today.

All I’ve had since breakfast is a decaf coffee, a caffeinated green tea and water.

I actually don’t feel that “hungry.” I want food, but since I’ve had my mind set on fasting, I think that controlled the hunger pains. I also did use the productivity tricks. I cleaned up the garage during morning snack time and lunch. And did an indoor recumbent bike ride when I’d normally have had dinner.

The bike ride made me feel somewhat better. But towards the end I had a different kind of pain in my left foot – more of a stabbing pain.

So hunger pains haven’t been an issue. But the achiness and pain behind my eyes and even in my ears now make me feel unwell. I wasn’t expecting that. I’ll see how I feel in the morning. It’s only been 12 hours; this could be just the first system shock and then I’ll start feeling better.

If not, this could be a very short experiment. There’s work I want to get done tomorrow. And I don’t want to do it with a self-induced headache and body aches.

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