Fasting – My First Attempt

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After I ate breakfast this morning, I happened across this video on YouTube: Fasting vs. Eating Less: What’s the Difference? (Science of Fasting)

And now, I’m fasting!


Which is a bit ironic because just two nights ago I decided to NOT have my doctor fill out my biometrics form at my physical the next day because it involves fasting prior to a blood draw. My appointment was in the afternoon and I didn’t want to fast during the day. Because all day long, all I’d be thinking is “I’m hungry. I’m hungry. I’m hungry.” And I didn’t want the unpleasant distraction while trying to work from home. So I now have a morning appointment three weeks out at Quest Diagnostics so that the blood draw will be in the morning.

Anyways… back to fasting. I watched the video above and then a couple more on the topic from different authors and decided to give it a shot. I’m intrigued by the assertion that it’s the first two to three days that are the hardest and then you’re fine; the hunger doesn’t progressively get worse. You actually are no longer ravenously hungry. But you know when to break the fast because the hunger will return.

And this is actually a perfect time to try it. It’s Saturday so I have this weekend to see if I can get in the groove before returning to work. I’m wary of letting my blood sugar get too low and being too hangry at work and snapping at people. Hoping that for me it’s the first two days that are the hardest and by the third, I’ll be okay.

One thing that may hinder me… I texted my husband the video and my intent to fast and his response: “No fasting for you.” Not supportive. But maybe he thinks it is supportive because he’s saying I don’t need to fast. But that’s not the point. I want to. I want the challenge and I want to see what happens.

My plan: if I do get very hungry, distract myself with activity. Maybe even plan activities for when I’d normally be eating. The video pointed out that the hormone that makes us hungry is strongest when we normally eat, but then wanes even if we don’t eat. I think I just need to get through these periods of increased hormone.

So instead of procrastinating on things I should get done by eating, which is what I normally do. I’ll avoid eating by getting stuff done! It could be a fast from food but gluttony for personal productivity.

And physical activity should be included to make the fast positive. I believe they said it’s the activity that will prompt your body to burn fat instead of muscle.

So here I go.

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